What is Khan Academy Refresh?

Welcome to Refresh, a collection of 5 minute classroom activities that provide a break from standard academic curriculum and a breath of fresh air. Use these prompts as a warm-up before class starts, as a mental stretch between activities or to close a learning session on a high note. Teachers can also use Refresh prompts as an opportunity to build community, by having students select the daily prompt, lead the discussion or reflection, and share their responses with each other.

Each prompt experience is an opportunity for kids to have fun, reflect, and be creative. Teachers help students prepare to learn by facilitating a prompt that gets their brains warmed up, hands active or hearts open.

Prompts can be accessed through either slide or list view. Use the slide view for a quick, easy way to present a random prompt to your class. Use the list view to scan through prompts and select one of your choosing. Refresh prompts have been organized in 3 categories: